Private Guitar Lessons offered in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Online!

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY -Pontus is an active NYC composer, musician, and teacher. He prides himself on his professional attitude, patient nature, and dedication to each student’s unique needs. His philosophy is a combination of theory, technique, and dedication to practice through cultivating a willingness and passion to learn and improve at your instrument. Encouragement and inspiration will meet your individual goal as a student and students are accepted at all skill levels. Pontus teaches children, teens, and adults, and designs an individual lesson plan tailored to each student. He has been an active teacher for 15 years in the Tri State area. 

4.) Rhythm / Counting

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3.) Fret Map - find notes 

composer / Sound Designer / guitarist

6.) Am Scale 

1.) Left Hand Exercise 

5.) Changing Chords 

2.) Tuning the Guitar

7.) C Major Scale

Beginner Instructional Videos

Pontus Gunve


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Guitar Lessons

The first lesson is where we find the student's own goal in guitar playing and his/her musical aspirations. As a teacher I have worked with students of all ages for more than 15 years and always strive to find and help develop the student's specific musical goal. I layout a practice schedule that will help the student develop proper technique and build strength and dexterity in the hands.

I teach students who are looking to improve their technical abilities through an exercise schedule and by real music examples. If your goal is to learn Metallica or Pantera riffs—I’ll be there to break that down. If you’re ready for Van Halen tapping and Yngwie shredding—I’m there with exercise techniques to get you going. If your goal is to learn how to play open chords and to understand the building blocks of music, then I’m there to show you what you need to get started - both playing popular music and writing / producing your own material.

I currently teach in Greenpoint and Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Please contact me below to book lessons (email pontusguitar (at) Also - check out some of my instructional videos below. 

Recording Technology

Music technology is also a huge aspect in a modern musician's life. If you know how to use recording, compositional, and computer tools you can easily compose and write your music to be presented into a professional demo - or even a full score. Anyone with a laptop can now record and produce material in their own house. Understanding how to use this and how to start writing in that domain is key—alongside traditional music studies—in becoming a modern musician.

For those interested in recording technology—both for music and for film editing / scoring—I have over 15 years of recording and music technology experience and work on film and music production projects all over New York City. I teach you the fundamentals of audio and technology so that you fully understand sound, signal flow, mic-ing techniques, recording, software and hardware, electronics, and mixing. The more you understand of the process of recording the easier it is to trouble shoot when something is wrong - and the better equipped you are to create a great sounding recording.